Living the fit life!




How are those resolutions coming along? Although some of us do Meatless Monday every day, adding an extra serving of veggies a day has been shown to improve overall cardiovascular health. Here at the Spuntino Headquarters we do that with soup!

Next time you have an event, ask to include one of our vegetable soups- the potato carrot and pea ones are not only delish, but they are also hearty, heart-healthy and 100% vegetarian!

One thought on “Living the fit life!

  1. It’s great to see other catering companies focusing on healthy food, and making the greens taste great! It’s a definite trend that we’ve seen in our own business over the past few years, although we are not exclusively vegetarian, we have noticed an increased interest from our clients for more veggies, organics, and healthy food in general.

    I hope your business is doing well there in Miami, hello from Vancouver 🙂

    Wishing you the best
    Savoury Chef Foods, Vancouver BC

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