It’s that time again…



With the holidays fast approaching, the Spuntino Bakery is gearing up to bring you one of the best tasting holiday traditions- straight from the source in Italy!

Have you tried our panettone? The holidays are not the same without it!

Stay tuned as we bring you more information as to where it will be available.

We’re proud to introduce the newest member of the family!



We’re opening soon in Midtown! Stay tuned for details!

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Happy Summer!



We agree, Julia!

Nothing says summer like a fresh ahi tuna tartare with Maldon sea salt, thinly sliced cucumber, cassava chips and a splash of seasonal citrus.

Contact us for more information!

Keep it green!



We care about you and the world!

  • Be happy to know that we incorporate environmentally friendly and recycled or recyclable products whenever possible.
  • We focus on recycling by separating and managing our trash in an effort to minimize waste!

If we all do our little part, this world will only become a better place.

Keep it green and Happy Earth Day!

It’s almost summer!



Add a little bit of summer cheer to your events with a refreshing cocktail (or two!). We offer a selection of packages depending on your event’s needs.

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